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  Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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6 Simple Rules for the Tony Mase's Inner Circle Private Members-Only Discussion Forum

Rule #1 - Real First and Last Names Only

Please use your *real* first and last names when posting a new message or replying to an existing one.

First or last names only, fake/false names, initials, screen names, and titles are *not* allowed.

For example...

If your real name is Johnathan Smith...

Johnathan Smith or John Smith is acceptable.

Johnathan, John, Smith, John Smithe, Jim Smith, Jim Smithe, J. Smith, J. S., JS, JS2007, Smitty, CosmicMan, Dr. Smith, Mr. Smith, etc. are *not*.

Rule #2 - Email Address is Optional

When posting a new message or replying to an existing one, entering your email address on the "Post Message" form is optional unless you check the box on the "Post Message" form indicating you wish to receive email notification when someone replies to your message, in which case it's required.

Warning! If you enter your email address on the "Post Message" form, it'll be viewable by other members.

Please respect the privacy of other members and do *not* use any member's email address for *any* reason whatsoever including, but not limited to, emailing the other member directly. I'd prefer to keep all discussions in the discussion forum so *all* can benefit.

Rule #3 - Subject Line is Required When Posting a New Message

When posting a new message, please include an appropriate subject line in the subject field of the "Post Message" form.

The more specific your subject line is the better.

For example...

Question about creating my first vision...


I need help creating my first vision...

Is far, *far* preferable to...



I need help...

Important! Please do *not* change the subject line of an existing post when replying to it.

Rule #4 - Constructive Messages Only

The number one, primary purpose of this members-only community is to help people build the lives they want to build for themselves and their loved ones. Therefore, *only* constructive messages, messages that "build up", are allowed.

Destructive messages, on the other hand, messages that "tear down" or "destroy", are *not*.

Important! Inappropriate language, which I sure hope I don't have to define to members of *this* community, is rarely, if ever, constructive. Therefore, it will *not* be tolerated.

Rule #5 - No Website URLs or References

Unless personally approved by me in advance, URLs (links) or references to *any* website, your's or anyone else's, outside of this one are prohibited.

Rule #6 - Respect the Privacy of Other Members

What's said here stays here, PERIOD!

Important! Unless otherwise noted, the above rules apply to *all* discussion forums in the Tony Mase's Inner Circle "Fast-Track Coaching" Member Area.

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